Questions car buyers ask

Questions You Should Expect From Car Buyers in Nigeria

Selling a used car can sometimes present an uphill task if done without the necessary preparations. From being ready to make the car available to potential buyers for physical inspection to answering their most pressing questions, a seller can lose a deal if one of these steps in the process of selling the car isn’t covered.

Every buyer has his/her peculiar anxiety and expectations for the car they want to buy, but their questions usually border on one of the questions we have compiled in this piece. Below are some questions you should expect from car buyers in Nigeria:

1. What is the Mileage Like?

The mileage provides a conservative estimate of the amount of wear and tear a car has endured. This naturally brings the buyer to the question of what particular purpose the car served in the course of the mileage covered.

A lot of short trips on local roads are more likely to damage a car than a high mileage gathered as a result of long trips on a highway.

2. Has the Car Been Involved in an Accident?

The accident history of a used car is of paramount importance to car buyers in Nigeria. More often than not, once they can tell that a car has been marred by bruises sustained during an accident, they are more inclined to back out of the decision to buy that particular vehicle.

They want to know the nature of the accident that the car was involved in as well as the extent of damage suffered in the course of the said incident.

3. Why Are You Selling the Car?

Car buyers want to know why a seller wants to get rid of a car, especially when the seller is not a car dealer. While most sellers will have an honest answer for selling, sometimes, there could be more than meets the eye.

Therefore, buyers ask this question to ensure that they don’t get shortchanged in the bargain. For example, the car’s engine might be problematic and the seller might be hiding this important bit of information that could affect both the price and the decision of the buyer to buy or not to buy.

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4. Can I Test-Drive the Car?

This is one way a car buyer can ascertain the roadworthiness of the car you want to sell to him/her. There is little a seller can hide once the ignition goes on and the car produces all the sounds that a careful listener or car expert can use to detect defects in the car’s performance.

5. What Parts Have You Replaced?

Having used the car for some time, it is assumed that you would have carried out certain repairs on it. Car buyers want to know the state of such repairs and what was changed.

This question for them is a way to determine what the reliability of the car would be if bought.

6. What is Your Final Price?

This question will always come up, especially if the buyer likes the car. Asking for the final price is a show of commitment and seriousness and should never be taken for granted. It is also a deal-breaker for many car buyers.

Final Thoughts Questions Car Buyers Ask

As a car seller, you should be able to give answers to all of these questions with absolute honesty. No matter how smart you might be tempted to be, some buyers are able to smell insincerity from a mile. Just be honest about the state of the car and the rest will handle itself.

The last thing you want is a car buying paying for the car only to return with the police or other military parastatals to accuse and arrest you for selling him/her a vehicle riddled with mechanical problems.

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