rainy season car maintenance tips

Car Maintenance Tips For the Rainy Season

Car maintenance tips during the rainy season are largely overlooked by many car owners. What this results in is a situation where cars are broken down and sometimes, even rendered irreparable.

You definitely don’t want your car constantly breaking down during the rainy season. Below are some tips that are designed to help your car sail through the rainy season without recurring car repairs triggered by a poor car maintenance culture.

Rain Water Should Not be Allowed to Dry Naturally

You probably don’t know this but after driving your car through the rain, you need to wash it. Some car owners assume that a rain-beaten car has already been washed by the rain. Don’t make this mistake.

You need to wash your car with car wash soap and a soft sponge. This will get rid of rainwater stains on your car. Allowing rainwater to get dry on your car naturally can damage your car’s paint job. This could even lead to rust

Check Car Engine

You need to check your car engine to check if water has gotten in. If you find water in there, you need to clean it. Avoid allowing water to get into the engine area of your car. It could lead to engine failure.

Maintain a Safe Driving Distance From Cars Ahead of You

This is called the two-second rule. According to this rule, when driving, you should ideally stay at least two seconds behind any vehicle that is directly in front of you.

There are two reasons for this – First, you should keep a safe distance from the car driving ahead of you so that you can drive at a constant speed. Second, keeping a safe distance allows you to keep an eye on parts of the road that are safe to drive through.

Go For Silicon Spray to Protect Your Car Parts

Some parts of the car that are made of rubber and glass are prone to damage by heat and rain. The silicon spray protects those parts of the car that are susceptible to damage.

You Need Extra Carpets For the Car

People who get into your car during the rainy season have a tendency to have their feet wet. This would naturally get the floor of your car cabin wet. What you need here are extra car floor mats to get your car through the rainy season. Preferably, go for synthetic leather/rubber floor mats that are easy to clean.

Avoid Driving Your Car Through Flood Water Higher Than Your Exhaust Pipe

Always remember that the higher the water level on the road, the bigger the damage it can potentially do to your car. Therefore, always keep an eye on the water level on the road, especially when driving through flooded roads.

Don’t Drive Too Fast

Trying to drive through a flooded road at high speed could come back to haunt you. This is because the higher the engine rotation, the more water you are likely to get sucked into the car engine. This is a simple recipe to get your car damaged.

Final Thoughts on Rainy Season Car Maintenance Tips

No one enjoys dealing with expensive car repairs. This is precisely what these tips are designed to save you from. Take safety precautions as we have highlighted in the tips above.

However, in cases where you run into car troubles during the rainy season, don’t panic. We have specialised mechanic workshops to cater to all your car’s servicing and repair needs.

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