A Detailed Review of The 2019 Range Rover Evoque

2019 Range Rover Evoque Review

Range Rover Evoque clearly stands out among other crossover compact vehicles. This is because it is a luxury off-roader. In addition, it comes with improved safety measures and handling. Here are some of the major changes that have been made to the 2019 model.

Subtle Design Changes

2019 Range Rover Evoque Subtle Design

The Evoque has undergone a revamp one can slightly different from the outgoing model. The LEDs are the easiest giveaway as they now feature a rounded rectangle design, similar to the new Velar and Range Rover Sport.

The bonnet loses the black gills on the outgoing model and the new door pop up handles now sink flush into the door when the vehicle’s shut. The rear profile has been reworked to resemble the Velar to some extent, by enhancing the LED Wraparound tail lamps and beefing up the bumper.

Cabin Architecture

2019 Range Rover Evoque Interior

Step inside the new Evoque and you will notice the differences. The dual touchscreen pro infotainment system makes its debut in the Evoque. This is what makes the cabin feel upmarket.

The dashboard and door panels are lined with premium materials, including soft touch plastic. This segment is highly competitive, with the likes of the Audi, Mercedes and BMW taking jibes at it.

There’s plenty of technology including 4G connectivity for the occupants. A smart rear-view mirror which can be turned into a digital display with the flick of a lever. A camera on the shark-fin antenna can project what’s behind the vehicle onto the rear-view mirror. It takes a few moments to adjust to the display. Furthermore, the image is high resolution and even works in the dark. 


2019- Range Rover Evoque Perfomance

The Ingenium four engine family has been appointed as the sole powerplant to be fitted in the Evoque. It can either be a 2-litre Turbo-petrol or Turbo-diesel, paired to a 9- speed automatic gearbox.

For those who prefer sharper engine response, then 183 kW turbo petrol producing 365 Nm of torque certainly is the perfect engine for this.

For those whose focal point is economy, the 132-kW turbodiesel is the best choice. With 430 Nm on tap, it offers more than adequate boat tugging performance.  It may not be as efficient as the petrol variant but due to its efficiency, it returns an average fuel consumption figure of 7.7 L/100 km.

4×4 Hardware

2019 Range Rover Evoque 4by4

Despite it being a compact premium crossover. it is still has a capability of handling the rough stuff with ease.

The ground clearance of 212mm limits its off-road capabilities but is more than able to go through sand, mud, rut and ice in the urban environment with ease.

It got some decent on-road manners, with adaptive suspension, stiffer chassis and sharp steering playing a big role in offering a pleasant overall ride


The Evoque has been refreshed and enhanced to become a halo product for Range Rover. The first batch of the Evoque will arrive in Kenya in June 2019.

With prices starting from Ksh 9 million, it comes with a 5year/150,000 KM warranty. In addition, it will also have 5 year/100,000KM service plan.

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