next generation range rover full view

Next Generation Range Rover

Land Rover takes aim at Bentley and Rolls Royce with next-gen Range Rover

Recent announcements by Jaguar-Land Rover on its intent to invest massively on developing a modular electric platform, suitable for its brands has caused ripples within the industry. Range Rover will be the first brand to utilize this new platform with the launch of the next generation Range Rover, codenamed L460.

This next generation Range Rover is squarely targeted at the new rich kids on the block, namely the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls Royce Cullinan.

The new MLA platform will be significantly lighter than the current model’s architecture, crucial to accommodate the extra weight of batteries and electric drivetrain set up.
This will also allow the addition of extra features and equipment not found on the Bentayga and Cullinan.

Cheki will try to get as much information on the L460 and best believe we will be the first in Kenya to break the news, as well as sample the vehicle.

Renowned transmission builder develops electrified manual gearbox technology

European gearbox specialists ZF has developed its electrified automated manual transmission (eAMT) technology, that allows the hybridization of small and compact vehicles. This novel concept works on current front-wheel drive platforms with a transverse layout.

It basically integrates an electric axle drive system (eVD) and an automated manual transmission (AMT) into one system. The transmission and electric rear axle are synchronized together with the intelligent operational system.

This synergy ensures that eAMT concept no longer experiences tractive force interruption, as the electric motor intervenes intelligently during accelerating sequence.

In addition to the hybrid functions of electric drive and recuperation and boost, eAMT also features electric all-wheel drive. ZF software regulates the networking and coordination of the internal combustion engine, electric motor and automated transmission.

ZF has partnered with Renault to test this technology in its hardy Duster SUV, that’s based on the Renault-Nissan alliance CMF modular platform.




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