Reasons Why You Should Service your Car AC

Reasons Why You Should Service your Car AC

The importance of car health cannot be overemphasized. It is important that all parts of your car are serviced as at when due. When it comes to the AC of your car, the same way you service your car regularly, you need to pay attention to the AC.

Typically, to get cool air, your AC goes through channels which are the Evaporator, compressor, condenser, accumulator and expansion valve. These basically describe how your car AC works. The compressor seals in the refrigerant which has the cooling gas and then moves it to the condenser which changes the gas into a liquid. The accumulator then absorbs moisture and dries the air which then moves to the expansion valve. The expansion valve converts this into a mist and it goes to the evaporator which then releases the cool air into the car. Now you can understand the process it takes for your car AC to give you cool air.

As far as your car engine is on and your car is on the move, your AC system is open to heat from the engine and also all forms of dirt. Ideally, you should schedule AC conditioning servicing once or twice a year.

Here are some reasons why you should consider car AC repair/ servicing. It:

1. Makes your car more comfortable as you drive towards your destination. Especially in this part of the world where the weather is mostly hot rather than cold, you want your car AC to function at its maximum capacity.
2. Helps you avoid broken fans. The fans in your car could either be rusted, wearing out or at most, broken. The only way you would be able to know this is if the AC is checked regularly so as to limit the car from moving with broken or bad fans.
3. Helps prevent a noisy car. The compressor of your car, when not taken care of properly can lead to your car being noisy once you turn on the AC.
4. educes the chances of AC gas exhaustion. Just like how your regular cooking gas can run out, the gas in your cooling system can also run out. This can also be referred to as the refrigerant. Gives you the opportunity to clean the AC vents and change cooling oil.
5.Allows you to remove dust from the filters. Regularly servicing your AC allows dust from your car filters to be cleared so as to increase the life span of your AC vent.
6. It eliminates foul smell from the AC vent: servicing your AC decreases the chances of there being a foul smell and this smell can be caused. by dirt
7. It avoids leakage in the AC system
8. Provides a higher gas mileage

Having to do these things regularly would allow you to be comfortable in your cars while you move around daily. You have to meet a specialist to service your car AC as this is not one of the things you can get done by yourself.

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