5 best cars suited for the rough Kenyan roads

5 Best Cars Suited For The Rough Kenyan Roads

We are living in a very dynamic world where almost everything is done differently. Road trips have become the new mode of having fun, especially for young people. For you to have that maximum pleasure, the type of car that you are using matters a lot.

The rainy season has just started in Kenya and this should not hinder you to explore various parts of the country. You need a car which can easily beat that rough terrain easily despite the weather. The list below is a combination of road monsters well suited for the rough terrain.

Ford Ranger

Ford ranger

The name of the car speaks volumes. A Ford Ranger is a car which can guarantee you the power and fuel efficiency. Either the 2.0l or 3.0l engine can serve the purpose.

I addition, it has a unique sports rear bar which protects the body of the car and its occupants in case of an impact.

The front suspension is a double borne independent design. This ensures that the rugged terrain feels like the normal highway.

The 4WD model includes the rough terrain innovative system. The system changes the engine’s responsiveness, and gear transmission to give more power to beat such terrains.

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender

This name is not new to many of you. Its qualities as a king of rough roads are undisputed. It is simply tough and unstoppable.

A permanent four-wheel drive and a two gearbox transmission offer the needed power during adventures where the terrain is not so welcoming. Moreover, the coil springs offer a more compliant ride and axle articulation. If you are also in need to carry a heavy load,  this car will have you sorted.

This British made machine can easily cruise move at high speeds. This is due to the power drawn from its powerful four-cylinder engine.

The chassis is built with strong steel and a wider wheel basis for to suit various roads.

Nissan Navara


The all-new Nissan Navara combines prowess and comfort. This is a beast of the rugged roads.  It is Powered by a 2.5l diesel engine with a seven-speed transmission. The 5-link coil rear suspension offers comfort while driving on a bumpy road.

The chassis is fully boxed and it is made of high tensile steel to improve its structural rigidity. For Nissan Navara, the terrain doesn’t matter, just give it a try and get a first-hand experience.

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux

If you are a big fan of Safari Rally, specifically the Dakar Rally. You must have seen a Toyota Hilux being tested of its mechanical performance in the rough desert terrain. You might think that cars are specially engineered to withstand such terrain. The answer is yes. However, a normal Toyota Hilux is a beast.

With a ladder frame chassis, this offers the much-needed strength on rough roads. The engine is 2.5l in capacity with a 5-speed transmission to offer robust power on such occasions. In addition, the speed transmission has a sequential shift technology which changes depending on the nature of the road. Moreso, the safety is more improved with an autonomous braking system.

Isuzu DMax

Isuzu Dmax

The Isuzu Dmax has a 3.0l engine with a 6-speed transmission. The transmission can either be manual or automatic. With the new rail-diesel technology, you do not have to worry about fuel consumption. You can be pretty sure that the Isuzu DMax will always rise to the occasion when it comes to rugged roads.

It is this power which gives this mean machine the ability to tow a load up to 3.5 tonnes without breaking a sweat. The option of switching to four by four or four by two drive gives you the freedom of exploring any surface. You can be sure that with all those features, there is no terrain it cannot beat.


So, next time you think of a car for rough terrain consider the cars above. They have all been tested and proven over the years.

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