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Protect Your Car From Damage Caused By Rough Roads

The Kenya road network has been neglected for years and has lead to the appearance of huge unsightly potholes on the roads. Unfortunately, grey Imports from Japan, United Kingdom and Singapore have minimal ground clearance. They expose vital vehicle parts like the oil sump, exhaust system and fuel lines.

Hard rocks or protrusion easily damage the sump, causing oil leakage and catastrophic engine failure.

To prevent cars from such inherent risk, the sump guard was devised to protect the sump. The sump guard is an anti-corrosive plate which fits the chassis under the engine to provide protection for the engine sump and other ancillaries such as exhaust/downpipe.

Where to get a sump guard

Where To Buy Sump Guards-Importance of sump guards

If you own a low-slung car like the Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and some Japanese marques, it is important to buy a full-strength sump guard. The sump guard will protect your car from damage especially if you don’t want to raise your car to avoid the centre of gravity issues.

Many accessories shops and exhaust venders either stock already made sump guards or can customize it for you at relatively low prices. The prices start from about Ksh, 10,000 to Ksh 40,000 depending on the quality and thickness of the sump.

They are made of either high strength stainless steel (smooth or Chaka plate design) or tough plastic resin that is resistant to heat, corrosion and impact. The plastic resin versions tend to be used by the German vehicles and are a bit pricey as it is expensive to design and build.

This protector shields the sump from any debris on the road whilst the holes still allow for ventilation. It has also been designed to move without damaging the underside of the engine in case of impact.


Off roading- Importance of sump guards

Aside from shielding the engine sump, the sump guard also protects the gearbox differential unit and fuel tank. It prevents damage to these vital components for those who enjoy Bundu bashing. Experts insist on using high-grade stainless steel to protect these parts as it is easy to fix and mould. Stainless steel gives them adequate protection from impact and rust.

In some cases, the sump is also used to protect fuel/brake lines from damage, as many cars have these vital lines running underneath the chassis from the engine.

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