The Do’s and Dont’s When Buying a Car

buying a car, Do's and Dont's when buying a car.
Measures taken in carrying out a car purchase.

Buying a new car can be one hell of an exciting venture especially for a first timer. If you already own a car, or have purchased one before, it still is, because an upgrade is involved. All in all, a new car purchase is definitely a paramount and expensive investment. Due to these facts, choosing the perfect car for you determines a lot more than the purchasing. Below is a compilation list of the Do’s and Dont’s.


Do make a budget to ensure that the car you wish to purchase goes hand in hand with your income. Everyone wishes to get the car of their dreams, but it is always wise to live in accordance to your means, to avoid any sort of inconveniences later on.

When it comes to car loans, the wise choice would be to choose cars in accordance with your monthly income. Do not only focus on the general lay out of the car price but rather, be keen on the interest rates that follow up.

Ensure the set budget is in alignment with your finances car buying.

Do consult a car insurance agent before the purchase. It is unwise to find out the cost value of the insurance way after the car has already been purchased. 

Do not purchase a car before measuring the current market value. This is because you need to compare fair and overhyped prices. To add on, it will also help in understanding whether the car is an asset or a liability.

Do not walk out with the car before all the financial processes are resolved. This prohibits the chances that the buying terms might change, placing you on the loosing end.


Do not purchase car add-ons immediately, it is highly recommended to purchase them separately from different platforms for the purpose of acquiring fair prices. For example, environment protection for your car would not be an emergency since most cars have excellent protection, you can have your research later on to measure  the different and fair prices of the car.

Detailed research is key when carrying out a car purchase.

Do ensure that the car you are willing to purchase exists, especially when car fetching  online. I highly insist on research when choosing car dealers and classifieds. Ensure to ask around through word of mouth and also use online platforms to find reliable sources, this exceedingly prohibits any sort of misunderstandings in the aftermath. 

Do not forget to ask detailed questions regarding the car especially in cases involving the maintenance. Taking the car home before analysing all the possible defaults may leave you stuck without options. Cars like the subaru forester have excellent features but can be a challenge to maintain if your budget is on the lower side.


Do not buy a car based on aesthetic appearance or  popularity but rather based on quality that your budget can accommodate. The main purpose of your car highly determines what to concentrate on when it comes to quality. For example, when looking for a car with the best gas mileage the 2013 Toyota Prius would be the best option to be considered.

Concentrate on car quality in reference to your budget when car buying.

Do ensure to pick a car convenient for you. Features like the seating arrangement (especially if you have a family), off-road capability (depending on your specific location) and fuel tank capacity (depending on your travelling mileage) are principal during the car purchase process.

How convenient will the car be for you after the car purchase?

Do ensure to take the car for a test drive to weigh the features and equipment of the makes, especially if they are of the same models. Different versions of the same models have different car characteristics. A good example would be the Mercedes Benz ML350 Blue Tech which has a front seating arrangement of 58.3 ft 3, while the Mercedes Benz GL350 Blue Tech has an arrangement of 54.5 ft 3. The two cars  basically have similar overall aspects, but the GL350 is a bit confined in terms of the seating. 

Safety measures

Do not contract business without the exchange of important personal documents such as the national ID’s, KRA pins or contracts. Official national documents are key when contracting businesses for safety and assurance purposes.

Do take precautions when performing the actual purchase. Following the right steps and contacting trusted dealers is key in order to avoid cases of fraud. The use of cash is highly discouraged, buyers are advised to use cheques or electronic transfers to facilitate tracking and follow ups in the incident of fraud.

The safety measures above are a great pathway to making your car purchase an experience worthy to undertake.

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