Is it better to fix or sell a car?

Fix It Or Sell It: Know When It’s Time To Sell Your Car

You have probably been hoarding a lot of things in your life over the years. Your car is probably one of those things you aren’t ready to give up. Your car has sentimental value to you. You have gone through mountains and valleys with it. The nagging voice at the back of your mind goes ignored but you do know it’s time to let go of that car now.

Here are 5 reasons to help you know when it’s time to sell your car if you can’t fix it.

1. It’s held together by the grace of God, some wires and tapes

Sell it: If its unroadworthy

You are excited each day when you come across your car. You have saved money for years to be able to afford your KFQ which you have fondly named Atoti as you believe it’s beautiful. The car is held together by the grace of God, barbed wire and masking tape.

It has no seat belts and it coughs and bursts into flame every few days. You have even forgotten the last time you actually got out through the doors as you tend to have to crawl out the window. However for you, “gari ni engine tu” and as long as it can take you from point A to B, you are fine.

When other people see you driving it, they gape at you in horror or keel over in laughter. Sure, it might be sentimental to you, but it’s a deathtrap to others. The car can veer off the road and cause a ghastly accident.

If any of this sounds relevant to your situation, then I hate to break it to you; it’s time to get rid of your car. You don’t have a choice in the matter. Atoti is unroadworthy. Sell its parts, those that still work fine.

2. Repairs cost more than the car itself

Sell it: If the repairs are too costly

You still think of all the fond times when you first got your car. Cruising around when it was still in relatively new condition and how good it treated you. As time has gone by, you have been making frequent trips to the mechanics’ shop. The cost of repairs for the car is about to render you bankrupt.

You have noticed that the important parts of the car like the CVT isn’t working properly. Things like the gearbox seem to be faulty. The mechanic is suggesting you ship in a new engine as fixing the current one will be the same price as buying a new car.

Well, at that point it will be very clear you can’t possibly afford to keep this car anymore. You already don’t know what else you will have to fix to ensure that this car functions.

3. It no longer meets your needs

Sell it: If it no longer meets your needs

Your small car may have served you very well when you were still a bachelor or spinster. It was enough for you and your files. Once in a while, you drove around your friends so that you could feel important since you are the only one with a car. However, life is moving fast. Faster than you realise.

You just got married and you are now expecting a baby in a few months. Your old rusty death trap is not safe to drive your new family around in. Additionally, there is literally no space for a baby car seat or anything at all. Simply put, you need a bigger car. A car that is safe and spacious enough to accommodate the new family you now have.

Maybe you simply got a new job in Lokichogio. You now need to drive for long to get to work. One you need to get a car with better ground clearance and better shock absorbers. Your old car was in fact, the cause of shock to most people. You need to dump it.

As if that isn’t enough, you are driving a KTZ from 1978. Given the incredibly high fuel prices in Kenya today, your KTZ is even consuming more fuel given the 1978 technology. Therefore, you need a car with better fuel consumption. Money is hard to come by without the unnecessary expense.

4. Parts are hard to find and expensive

Sell it: If its car parts are too hard to find

When life changes, so does technology. Technology is slowly becoming the death of your car. The auto world seems to be coming up with newer more advanced technology. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find car parts for your car.

The local mechanics have also never seen a car like yours since they are Millenials and know nothing about the golden age of cars. You now spend a lot of money just to find the genuine spare parts for your car and even more to find a mechanic with the technical know-how of how to fix your car.

Sometimes, it may have nothing to do with the shift in auto industry technology. Maybe parts are expensive and hard to find because you’re driving a car made by an automaker that went out of business years ago.
Regardless of the reason, if the parts are expensive and hard to find, then sell it as a collector’s item while you can. Because eventually, you may have to just dump it.

5. You just want a new one

Sell it: If you just want a new car

Maybe these four signs don’t apply to you, but you just have this feeling that it’s time for a new car. It’s not a steadfast reason to sell your old one like the others on this list, but it could be a sign. Maybe it’s because you are craving that new 2019 Suzuki Baleno with amazing informatics. You could just be fed up with your old ride for numerous, but non-fatal reasons. Bottom line is, listen to your gut feeling. If it feels like its time for a new car, it probably is.


“How do I know when it’s time to sell my car?” is a very common question many car owners ask themselves. We’ve put together answers to that will help you decide right now if it’s time to sell your car.

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