What to do after buying a second hand car.

5 Things You Must Do After Buying a Used Car

Purchasing a car is a big deal whether new or used. You have just finished paying for a used car and you probably have a million things you wish to do with it. However, you need to have priorities. Here are a few things you need to do first before you enjoy a smooth ride around town.

Complete the ownership transfer

Complete the car ownership transfer after buying a used car

Before you can even claim the car as yours, ensure you have done a complete ownership transfer. If you are buying a used car from a private seller, ensure that they give you a clean title for the car. This will be the official document to show proof of ownership. The seller should give you official statements of previous owners relinquishing ownership.


If you are purchasing the car from a used car dealership, they will most likely do the paperwork and issue you with a logbook. However, if they were helping you finance the car, they may hold onto the logbook until you complete the loan repayment.

Get car insuranceGet car insurance after buying a used car

You are done transferring car ownership and the car is officially yours. However, you can’t start driving it just yet. You need to get your car insured by a trusted insurance provider before you can officially put it on the road. If you bought your car through a dealership, they will help you with the insurance policy process.


If you bought it through a private seller, your first stop should be at the insurance policy provider. Conduct extensive research and find out what you need to know before choosing the right insurance policy. Once they send you the proof of insurance, stick it on the left side corner windscreen. Failure to have your car insured is a traffic offence in Kenya.

Get your car number plates

Kenya allows you to import cars that date back to five years from the date of manufacture. Most used cars that are imported from Japan do not come with number plates. If you have imported a car by yourself, you will need to have it registered by the Registrar of Motor vehicles for all vehicles. Your cars number plates will be issued to you after registration.  Importing cars through trusted dealerships makes your life easier since they will ensure the car is registered and the number plates issued to you.

Let the mechanic check your carAfter buying a used car get it checked out by a mechanic

After purchasing a used car, ensure you get in touch with a mechanic that will do an extensive inspection and preventative maintenance. The mechanic will recommend the parts that need a replacement for your own safety before you start to drive. The mechanic may need to change the air filters, car fluids and even do a wheel alignment.

Get an emergency breakdown cover

Get an emergency breakdown cover after buying a used car

Most used cars come with a very questionable service history. Sometimes even the most well-cared-for car may let you down at some point. The car may breakdown on you at the worst time possible. It is therefore advisable to get an additional cover for roadside assistance or breakdown cover just in case.


When you purchase a used car, do not be in a hurry to start driving it around. Getting all the documentation ready may be an uphill task, but its key when you want to enjoy your ride. Additionally, have a mechanic check your car to ensure it is safe to drive.

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