Toyota Cars Now Come With Built-in Wi-fi

Toyota Cars Wifi - Cheki Nigeria

It is exciting times for the Toyota brand as it has announced that from the beginning of September 2019, all Toyota cars and Lexus vehicles sold in South Africa will come with Wi-Fi and a host of other connectivity features.

Working in partnership with Vodacom Business and Altron, this initiative is expected to stand out as the world’s first convergence of Wi-Fi and other connectivity features into one compact package across the entire range of a model.

According to the President, Toyota South Africa, Andrew Kirby, the minimum data capacity has been pegged at 15GB.

“As of 01 September 2019, all brand new Toyota and Lexus models sold in South Africa will come standard with in-car Wi-Fi including 15GB free data (which you can top up) as well as a host of connectivity features and benefits courtesy of Toyota Connect, a major extension of the MyToyota App.”

Another interesting thing about the ‘connectivity hub’ is its name. It will be known as ‘Toyota Connect’ and will be available in the ‘MyToyota App.’ The app is completely integrated with the systems of the dealer and the manufacturers.

The fun doesn’t end with having in-car Wi-Fi – You also get access to a range of services that bring you safety and convenience. One of such services is the roadside assistance with impact detection. This gives the driver real-time support as well as 24-hour AA access.

According to the Altron Group Chief Executive, Mteto Nyati, Toyota cars have now been built to do much more than take the car owner from point A to point B.

“Once a customer has opted-in, the data aggregated from the telematics module will provide insights to Toyota, their dealer network, customers, fleet owners and third-party service providers such as the Automobile Association (AA), providing accident and breakdown assistance.”

The Toyota Connect App reminds you when your car is due for servicing. It also gives you detailed information on the health of your battery. For the car’s mileage, a logbook facility automatically saves a digital log of the car’s mileage.

If you ever lose your car, there car’s GPS locator comes to your rescue to bail you out.

The technology behind this upgrade was jointly designed by Toyota and Altron subsidiary Netstar and fans of the Toyota brand can look forward to exciting days ahead.

“This is just the start of an exciting journey. We are thrilled about the imminent addition of benefits such as licence renewal, which will allow Toyota Connect users the ability to renew their vehicle licence disc via the technology and have it delivered to their address of choice,” Kirby explained.

Toyota Connect partners are currently working on ways to expand into delivering more benefits for fleet and small business owners.

We look forward to Toyota cars in Nigeria enjoying these features and benefits in the near future.

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