How to Upload and Sell Cars on Cheki Nigeria

In a deliberate effort to help car dealers and private sellers sell more cars, has developed a new interface designed to make the process of selling cars easier and faster.

The new interface gives car dealers and private sellers complete control over managing the cars they want to upload and sell. However, this does not displace the account managers assigned to individual car dealers and private car sellers who remain committed to providing you with better insight on how your (car dealers and private car sellers) account is being run on

Below are 4 easy steps that show you how to upload and sell your cars on the Cheki Nigeria website. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Click Login if you are a registered user or click Register if you are a new car dealer or private car seller

Step 2

If you are a registered user, enter a valid username or email address and a password | Click Login

If you are a new car dealer or private car seller, enter a valid email address and a password | Click Register

Step 3

Once you have your account created/login, you can click on your email address on the page to access a drop-down menu, which provides you direct links to manage your account

Step 4

Click the Sell a Car button

Below is a visual illustration of the steps highlighted above. Swipe left after each image to see the next step.

Please follow the stages by filling the appropriate information required. Submit the information when done and a representative will get back to you. We hope you find this easy to work with. If you have any question, kindly contact your account manager or call our customer care line 08139859971-2.

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