Ways to make money as a car owner

Cars have grown beyond being that status symbol that defines your level of comfort or class. Today, it has become a stream of income for many individuals across various spheres of life.

Since there’s no such thing as “too much money”, you can earn more yourself simply by owning a car. Also, most vehicle side hustle have proven to be really easy to adopt and lucrative.

Instead of parking your car to gather dust, here are some money making ideas we would suggest:


Ride Hailing

You guessed it right! Becoming an Uber or Bolt driver is one of the quickest money making streams you can get with your car. It’s also flexible as you have the choice to go on your rides within any location of your choice and at your most convenient time.



With the remote model most businesses are adopting post-COVID, delivery businesses have gained a rapid spike in demand. You can target people and locations in need of delivery services and create a flexible work schedule for yourself.


Car Rentals

For those that don’t have a car but need one for that special occasion, you can meet their need by offering your car to rent. Create agreements that both of you will sign, create a customer verification process, rent out your car, and sit back while your money reads by the hour.


Travel services

For those that want to travel interstate, they might need a car and an experienced hand to drive them – that’s where your car comes in. you can even make extra income by getting a driver for them and putting driver charges. As mentioned in the previous point, you can set some verification process to it.


The list goes on…

Without restricting yourself to these ideas, you can add any idea that works for you to this list. The main takeaway is for you to see your car as an asset that can yield more earnings for you.


How Autochek can help

At Autochek, we have various cars you can buy now and pay monthly for. In addition to this we can also guide your car selection with cars that are handy for your money making objectives.

Simply visit www.autochek.africa to discover the steps to exploring our various value-based services.

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