5 essential car service lubricant checks

5 Key Lubricant Checks To Perform Regularly When Fueling


Your car needs regular checkups, just as you do. Most car owners are aware of the benefits of taking their cars for the regular car service, which is usually after every 3 or 4 months. Regular car service lubricant checks are of importance as well.

This service applies to both new and used cars. It’s important to start caring for your car as soon as you own it to ensure you have trouble-free driving experience, thus ensuring your safety as well as your car’s durability.

To avoid major, more so, permanent damage to your car, consider having regular under the bonnet checks.
There are 5 essential lubricants checks that you should have done. Let’s have a look at them to detail.

Engine Oil Check

Engine oil is of great importance to your car because it helps:

  • Clear away dirt, debris and deposits from engine components
  • Reduce friction and minimises wear
  • Help in the release of heat from the engine
  • Prevent corrosion and rust
  • Ensure your engine runs smoothly by having your old engine oil drained and replaced with new, clean engine oil

Recommended Engine Oil: Shell Helix Oils

shell helix engine oils

Coolant Check

Many Kenyans use regular water to cool their car’s engine instead of using a coolant. A coolant is better because it is retained for longer. It doesn’t evaporate as quickly as water.
Engine oil and coolant are often mistaken to have the same function.

The engine oil helps to carry the heat away from the hot point but needs a coolant to help release the heat from the engine.

Recommended Coolant: Shell Coolant

shell coolant

Brake Fluid Check

The brake fluid’s function is to cool down the wheel bearing and the brake pads. If the brake fluid has a low boiling point, it will begin to boil during braking. This is not good because brakes become marshy or spongy leading to loss of brakes.

The brake fluid cools down the wheel bearing and brake pads. If the brake fluid has a low boiling point as well, it will begin to boil during braking.

Your brake fluid should be golden yellow and if it’s not, it means your brake fluid has burnt. You will then be required to completely drain and replace it.

Recommended Brake Fluid: Shell Brake Fluid

shell brake fluid

Gears and Automatic Transmissions

As a manual car owner, you may have noticed your car resisting gear changes. If your car is automatic, you might have noticed that there’s a delay before you hear the car engaging when you shift to park or drive.

These are signs you should never ignore. Your car is supposed to run smoothly without shaking, jerking or making noises. Always check the level of your gear oil or ATF when your car is on to avoid damage.

Recommended Oil: Shell Spirax S5 ATF X

Shell Spirax S5 ATF X

Power Steering

Never gamble with power steering as it is is what literally keeps you in touch with your car.
If your power steering becomes very stiff, ensure that it is checked during your car service.
Having foamy power steering fluid means that the wrong fluid was put in the reservoir. Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is often used as Power Steering Fluid and is the case here in Kenya.

Recommended Oil: Shell Spirax S2 ATF

Shell Spirax S2 ATF


Shell has committed to going the extra mile by helping you maintain your car. Fuel your car at any Shell Petrol station and their attending Customer Champion will perform these 5 essential lubricant checks, all for free.

Discover more on the advantages of these 5 lubricant checks and what products you can use to ensure your car is healthy.
Your car will always be safe with Shell. Wacha Wacheki Mbele. Watakusort Mbaya!

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