A Car Story About the Nigeria Police Force

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This is a true-life story but we’ll start like this… Once upon a time, precisely on April 19, 2020, at exactly 12:51 pm the Nigeria Police Force took to its Twitter page to share a car story.

It was an inspiring story filled with positive energy and we thought we should share the story with you as well as how Nigerian reacted. See the story below:

“About 3:00 a.m on Friday our officers in Ikoyi came across a man in distress. We accosted him and he told us his wife was in labour at home but he had no means of getting her to the hospital.

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“He got into our vehicle and was rushed down to his home. Both man and wife were immediately taken to the hospital in Obalende. The officers went back to the couple’s residence an hour ago and found both mother and child doing well. It’s a girl.”

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As you might have guessed, Nigerians couldn’t hold back in their reactions to the story as you will see below:


Awwww thanks for showing us the human side of the force

Omotayo of Lagos

Wow, for the first time I can boldly say I’m proud of the Naija police force, keep it up.


Is this Nigeria or am I dreaming? This is the kind of news I used to read from Florida County Sheriff. Behold I am now reading it from Obalende Sheriff. Everything don finally stew for this country. Thank you Coronavirus.


This is what happens when the government doesn’t think things over. Total lockdown without thoughts for people like this makes things worse.

Arc. Wole

Commend the police for the good work first. Then, can we have your suggestion on how we can better manage the spread of the Coronavirus with or without total lockdown? Thank you.


Read the tweet from the start and I never expected the plot twist… Good of you guys.


This is really commendable, thanks for your service. This is more like it not flogging or shooting harmless Nigerians.

Ayo Bankole

It’s crazy how the Nigerian Policing system messes our minds up so much that I almost thought it will end as bad news at first. It’s so relieving and refreshing to read good news from a police handle. One of the true helping of helpless citizens. Thank you. We are proud of you.

Adetunji Adeniran

I swear I was afraid as I read it.

Ooni of Abuja

You have just redeemed 20% of your bad image!! Kudos to Lagos State Police Command II. God bless the actual officers who did this, they’re the ones to praise more.

What do you think about this story? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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