4 Tips on How To Plan For A Perfect Road Trip

How to plan for a perfect road trip

Rest up

Rest up

If you’re the designated driver, you need to have a proper eight-hour rest before embarking on the road trip. Alertness on the road is important as it will determine how safe you and your passengers will be.

Avoid food that promotes flatulence like beans. This will create discomfort and trouble during the trip.  Similarly, take plenty of water and carry more in the car as anything can happen on the road.

Safari Check


Ensure that your vehicle is in good condition and roadworthy to embark on the journey. If it’s due for service kindly ensure that it is done so that you have a reliable vehicle during the journey.

If the vehicle is still within the service period, ask the mechanic to do a safari check. This basically ensures that the brakes are okay, critical oil and lubes are in perfect levels and that the headlamps and lights are working. Moreso, checking tire pressures is important. Don’t forget to include a spare tire. Also ensure you have an emergency first aid kit, reflector, jerrycan and a blanket in case of any eventualities.

Choose an appropriate route

If you’re aware of the route you will be embarking, note all major stops including comfort break areas, hospitals and garages.

If it’s a new route consult someone who has been on that road or use google maps to guide you to your destination. While in transit observe speed limits and follow safely public transport as they are regular users and understand the road better.

Comfort Break

Comfort Breaks

Stop and take comfort breaks after three hours to stretch and refresh. You can also have coffee to boost concentration once back on the road.  Most importantly, drink a lot of water to replenish lost fluids.

Check if your tire pressures and engine fluids are okay and stable. You may also check google maps to reacquaint yourself with the route and landmarks. You can as well top up fuel if there’s no petrol station nearby.


If you follow these steps then you are guaranteed a safe and enjoyable journey. Remember to follow the same procedure on your return trip. Remember your safety and that of your passengers remains of paramount importance. Drive safely.

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