9 Car Types: What Type Of Car Do You Need?

What Type of car do you need

Buying a car is already hard enough without adding the strain of which one to buy. This piece will help you pick a car that best suits your needs. Of course, no article can discuss all the car models in the market but we share some tips on the different body styles.


Sedans- type of car you need
Most car shoppers in Kenya prefer the sedan popularly known as the saloon cars. These cars are basically spacious enough to fit a family and offer you a lot of cargo space in the trunk. The back doors make it easy for the rear seat passengers to go in. Luxury cars are mostly sedans: executives want to seat back left and these types of cars make this possible. If you are looking for a car that is both comfortable and spacious while still being stylish, the sedan is the best one for you. One such car you can buy is the Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor. 

2-Door Coupes

2 door coupe- type of car you need
Most people who don’t have families prefer the 2 door coupes. These cars are suitable for people who do not have a need for rear seats. The 2 door coupes are mostly hatchback and most times they lack trunk space.

Station Wagons

Station wagon- type of car you need
These cars are perfect for active families. They seat at least 7 people and have a considerable amount of cargo space. Better still, they are more fuel-efficient than most SUVs. Some of them are stylish and you don’t have to worry about driving around town in an ambulance-shaped car.


convertible- type of car you need
Most convertibles are a dream to drive. Who doesn’t want to drive around feeling the wind in their faces at an incredibly fast pace? Well, everyone would love this but in Kenya where the potholes are the size of a dam, you may want to leave the tops on and reduce your speed. These cars are perfect for adrenaline junkies who live in areas with great roads. They can also be great for anyone who wants to use them as secondary cars.

Sports Cars

sports cars- type of car you need
We all want to own sports cars. They are fun to drive but they are not practical for daily driving needs. Most of them are two doors and can also only carry two passengers. However, nowadays car manufacturers are coming up with larger capacity sports cars that can accommodate 4 passengers. The biggest downside about these cars are the prices. It’s like taking out a second mortgage but if you have the money, these are the cars you need to buy.


Mini vans- type of car you need
If you have a large family and you are always on the road with a lot of luggage, then cars like the Honda Odyssey or the Toyota Vanguard will serve you quite well. These cars have great safety features to protect you and your family while on the road. Just like the wagons, they also have a seating capacity of about 7 and a large trunk space.

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

SUV- Type of car you need
Literally everyone in Kenya regards the SUVs as aspirational cars. They are designed for off-road activities even though most of them stay on the main road. The conditions of the road in Kenya also make a lot of people desire to own these cars. They are not fuel-efficient but that never seems to be a problem as most people who buy them can actually afford the high cost of fuel. Most of them like the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado are also deemed as luxury cars.

Pickup Trucks

Pick up trucks- types of cars you can buy
It is no surprise that in Kenya, pick up trucks are among the best selling cars. This is because they are multipurpose. They can be used for towing, transporting goods and even as family cars if they are double cabins. Isn’t it nice to have one car that can do many things? Pickup trucks are also available in all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and 4 wheel drive.


Vans- Types of cars you need

If you are looking for a car to transport large amounts of cargo or you want a car to use as a ‘matatu’, then a van is the car for you. Vans can seat up to 19 passengers and still have cargo space in the back and sometimes on the roof. If you want a tour van, just as the name suggests, you need a van.


The type of car you need depends entirely on what you intend to use the car for. We have listed 9 different car types and we believe that there is one that will be perfect for you!


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