Why Your Car Needs Regular Underwash

Why you should wash your cars's underbelly

Most of us tend to clean the exterior, interior and the engine of the car. However, we forget that the belly of the vehicle also needs regular cleaning and maintenance. The car underbelly is the backbone of the vehicle from a structural perspective.

Depending on the vehicle, it forms part of the chassis. This is the frame on which the vehicle is built. Critical systems are placed on the chassis strategically to ensure the vehicle works properly. Parts such as the fuel tank, brakes hydraulic lined suspension and exhaust set up are mounted on the underbelly.

As you drive and go about your business, dirt and grime build up under the car over time. An undercarriage has drainage holes that can get clogged or restricted due to build-up left behind from the road. An underbelly car wash can reach the nooks and crannies and ensure these parts are clean.

Importance of cleaning your car’s underbelly

Washing your cars underbelly increases longevity

Regular cleaning of the undercarriage prevents corrosion and rust build-up. Rocks, chips and other particles can damage the undercarriage when driving on rough road or gravel. This leaves bare metal exposed.

Metal fatigue is caused by metal vulnerability to rust when it is exposed to moisture. When a car goes through a professional car wash, the technicians can make sure that the car is properly dried off to prevent rust and underlying problems caused by excess moisture.

Rust can cause a vehicle to have structural rigidity weakness on the Chassis. This eventually creates a long term safety risk. It also reduces the cars resale value. Your underbelly should be washed at least every 3 months to ensure that all critical parts are protected.


A complete car wash increases the longevity of your car. It is advised that you use non-corrosive cleaning agents with added corrosion protection to ensure that your underbody is protected.

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