Cars New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Cars New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Happy New Year! Every year we make resolutions to lose some weight, avoid eating out, drop bad habits e.t.c. However, have you made resolutions to improve your car’s health? None? Well, it seems you aren’t the only one. A lot of people ignore the preventive maintenance of their cars. Since the year is just starting, let’s look at some of the simple and easy ways to keep your car healthy.

1. Schedule regular checkupsSchedule regular checkups

Conducting regular car checkups and repairs can increase your car resale value. This is because any future damages can be detected and repaired on time. It is important that the car checkups are conducted at least every six months.

2. Clean the interior of your carClean the interior of your car

Food crumbs, spilt drinks and muddy carpets make the interior of your car look untidy and may even start to smell. Regular interior car detailing ensures that the car cabin looks neat and good as new. This year make the effort to visit a detailer a few time in the year to have your car professionally cleaned.

3. Wash the exterior and underbelly of your car

 Go for a car wash

Are you amongst the people who wait for people to write “wash me” on the accumulated dust on your car windows? If so, regularly visit a car wash to keep the exterior of your car clean. On the same note, detail your car’s exterior professionally to give it that showroom good as new finish.

4. Check your oil and schedule regular oil changesCheck your oil and schedule regular oil changes

Every time you are at the fueling station, check your oil level. If it is low, top it up. Your car’s engine requires oil for lubrication of the moving parts. Low oil levels may cause damage to the engine. It is also important to carry out a complete oil change every 5000 kilometres. You can also check your cars’s manual and schedule the complete oil change accordingly.

5. Regularly check your car’s fluidsRegularly check your car’s fluids

Just as you have resolved to stay hydrated, ensure that your car’s fluids are also regularly worked on. Do a monthly check-up marking it on your calendar as a reminder. Check the coolant, the oil, brake and clutch fluids. Checking your car’s fluids is a simple way to identify potential problems and you don’t have to be a mechanic to do this.

6. Wheel rotation and alignmentConduct Wheel Alignment and Balancing

At least every 10,000 km, ensure you conduct wheel rotation and alignment as it ensures that your tyres last longer. Additionally, you are able to notice when the tyre threads are won bare and in dire need of replacement.

7. Heed your lightsHeed your lights

If you are one to ignore the engine light on your dashboard, its high time you quit this bad habit. There is a reason its there. If you do not know what the problem could be, have a technician check it out. That way you avoid bigger problems in the future like engine failure.


Assuming you follow these seven simple tips this year, you will end up having a smooth and uninterrupted year. Regular car maintenance will also help to reduce the repair bills as you can curb the problems before they are unmanageable.

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