Kano Ban Men Women Tricycle

Kano Lifts Ban on Men/Women Boarding Same Tricycle

The Kano State government has suspended the law banning and restricting men and women in the state from boarding the same commercial tricycles also known as ‘Keke.’

The law was originally designed to prevent members of the opposite sex from sharing sitting space whenever they have a need to use commercial means of transportation

It should be recalled that on December 25, the state government had announced that the ban would take effect from January 2020 adding that the law was set up to uphold the state’s Islamic values.

According to the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje’s spokesperson, Tanko-Yakasai, the law has been suspended for further review of its practicability. He added that the law was introduced during the era of the former governor, Ibrahim Shekarau.

Ganduje’s administration had re-introduced the law in response to reports of females getting sexually harassed while commuting in the state.

Highlighting details of the suspension of the ban, Tanko-Yakassai said:

“Yes, it’s true. Well, they just want to review it. You know it was an old law that was enacted during the era of Ibrahim Shekarau. So, the Hisbau committee was just reintroducing it

“So, I think they want to just look at it again and make some adjustments because the realities back then and now are definitely not the same again. They want to look at the law again and see how practical and realistic it is now to see how they can adjust it.”

He explained that there has been a rise in the frequency of reports of females being abused inside Keke NAPEPs (tricycle), especially in the evenings.

“I think there was a misconception in the new law passed. It is not like they are completely banning men and women from entering the same tricycle. What they said is that if the Keke picks a lady first, every other passenger has to be female and if it starts with a guy, the rest have to be guys. So, they just want to look at it again and see how practical and realistic it will be.”

Nigeria has a population that is largely split into Muslims taking a majority of the population in the north while the south is predominantly known to have more Christians. Kano stands out as one of Nigeria’s most populous states. It is situated in the north and a majority of its population adheres to the doctrine of Islam.

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