The Inaugural 2019 Cheki Car Awards: Vote and Win!

The 2019 Cheki Car Awards Launch

The automotive sector is well-suited to cater to each and everyone’s preference in the market. This is because everyone has different taste when it comes to cars. Cheki aims at creating awareness for the motor industry and educating the public on great quality cars to buy, thus the launch of The Cheki Car Awards.

The Awards will be based on 11 categories created from Cheki’s various data points. These include local car sales trends, consumer-driven data and market survey done over the last couple of years.

The categories to be voted for include Best Budget Car, Best Family Car, Best SUV Car, Best Hatchback Car, Best City Car, Best Luxury Car, Best High-Performance Car, Best Commercial Car, Best Motorbike, Best Car Dealership and Best Car of the Year.

Judging Criteria

judging criteria in a car awards event

The Cheki team came up with a judgement criteria to value the vehicle selected in each category. The categories will be filled via a poll created online on the Cheki Website. It will constitute public votes, expert votes and finally by car dealers.

The Judges will also vote by majority agreement. They will evaluate the car that tops each category, basing their findings on key aspects like build quality, availability of spare parts, cost of ownership plus technical features that make the cars tick as seen below:

Design: Does the vehicle have an appealing factor, form vs functionality?
Performance: Vehicles will be judged on their usable performance criteria, power delivery, fuel efficiency as compared to its rivals.
Price: Judges will evaluate whether the market price is fair towards the consumer against the competition.
Cost of Ownership: Each contesting vehicle will be evaluated on the cost of servicing each year for five years, taking into account spare parts, insurance and fuel.
Safety: Each car will also be assessed in line with the scores accrued by it by the Japan Nation Safety Programme and the European National Car Assessment programme. Judges will also look at the availability of safety equipment such as airbags, stability control and anti-lock braking system.

Awards Ceremony

car awards event

Cheki will invite local car franchises as they’re the custodians of the different brands that are competing in each category. This is to create inclusivity within the larger motor industry.

The Judges will announce the winners of each category culminating to the main car of the year award, to be presented by the Chief Guest.

Inline with giving a 360 degree offering to the local motorist, Cheki’s valuable partners who include Asset Financing Institutions, Insurance Services, Accessories Firms and detail tire centres will also be in attendance.


For the general public, continue voting by visiting the Cheki Car Awards website. Voters stand a chance to win amazing prizes in the form of weekly airtime or the grand prize of a brand new tablet. To stand a chance of becoming a winner, cast your votes and share widely.

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