How To Clean BlockedWindshield Wiper Nozzles

How To Clean Blocked Windshield Wiper Nozzles

Sometimes the wiper nozzle clogs due to dust and particles that harden on the tips. This prevents water from reaching the windscreen and the result is; the wipers scratch the windshield leaving marks. 

Nozzles require regular care to ensure they are working properly. Cleaning such residue and debris from the nozzles should keep them in top shape. Here are some ways of ensuring that they are working properly.

How To Clean Wiper Nozzles

Clogged Windshield wiper nozzles

If something is clogging the nozzles, then the blockage is usually visible in the form of residue covering the tiny jets. 

To clean them, the first step to take is to grab a small and soft brush, like a toothbrush dipped in warm water then gently scrub the nozzle holes. This will help to loosen up any grime in and around the nozzles.

Next, use a soft cloth to wipe it away. You can also choose the alternative method of spraying the nozzles with a concentrated stream of compressed air to clear away bits of visible debris.

Clear Nozzle Pipes

Sometimes nozzle blockage may be inside the jets. To tackle these more serious clogs, you may use a pin or needle to very carefully pull out debris that may be lodged deep within the nozzle. 

After cleaning windshield wiper nozzles on a vehicle, always remember to test them to make sure they’re working properly. This is how you’ll figure out if you might need to try cleaning them out using a needle or wire, or if there is a blockage somewhere else.

Continuous malfunctioning after a thorough cleaning of the nozzles may be due to a blockage somewhere within the wiper bottle system.

Test And Use The Correct Windscreen Cleaner

Water gusshing out of Wiper Nozzles

Sometimes clogs aren’t caused by dirt and grime from the outside or even malfunctioning components. The clogs may be due to issues related to the use of the improper windshield washing fluid. 

For imported vehicles, high temperatures experienced in Kenya may make the washer’s fluid crystalize causing blockages in the nozzle or motor system. 

Always use the correct washer fluid suitable for this region. As you get your oil checked at the petrol station, ask the attendant to add the correct windshield cleaner or when you visit one of those vehicle accessory shops. 


Once a month, take your vehicle for proper valet where they will thoroughly clean all glass surfaces including blocked windshield nozzles.

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