4 Steps To Follow When Doing Interior Car Detailing

4 Steps to follow during interior car detailing

Keeping your car’s interior and upholstery clean can be a bit difficult, especially during the rainy season. The mud, grits and dirty water tends to stain the carpets and upholstery. This is why it’s advised to frequently do interior car detailing.

It is important to use high-quality interior detailing products to clean and maintain the interior of your car. We have outlined steps to follow when detailing your car’s interior:

1. Remove All The Carpets And Visible Debris From The CabinRemove and clean the carpets when doing interior car detailing

Once the car is in the washing bay, the cleaner will remove all the carpets and rubbish from the cabin. He will start by cleaning the dirt on the seats and floor carpet using a wet rug. Thereafter, he should clean the dashboard door panels centre and gearbox console.

2. VacuumingVacuum the car when doing interior car detailing

The cleaner will then proceed to vacuum the floor carpet, seats and panels to get rid of tiny dust particles and hidden debris. Vacuuming also aerates the cabin and ensures that it’s dust-free.

3. ShampooingShampoo the car when doing the interior car detailing

Once the vacuuming process is done then the detailer will apply dry shampoo on the seats, floor carpet and door panels to cleanse the surfaces. The shampoo has regenerative qualities that also helps maintain the quality of the surfaces.

Additionally, it has anti-bacterial properties to kill bacteria and eliminate odours. He should then use the vacuum the surfaces to dry them so as to prevent regrowth of bacteria.

4. Dashboard And Upholstery DetailingDashboard detailing is important during interior car detailing

Once the seats and carpets are dry, the cleaner should then apply dashboard restorer that will rejuvenate dull plastic or wooden panels. If the car has leather seats and panels, leather restorer should be applied on to seats, door panels and steering wheel to improve the sheen and lustre.

For cars with Leather/ Vinyl combination, the combo vinyl and leather restorer helps to condition and protect seats and surfaces in between professional interior detailing.


The aim of regular car detailing is to restore the interior of the car by eliminating dirt or other debris to make the car look almost brand new and prevent damage to your car. Ensure you do regular detailing to keep your car in top shape.

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