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12 Tips For a Perfect Nigerian Road Trip

Are you planning to embark on a Nigerian road trip right now or sometime soon? If you are, then there are certain things you need to understand and do to make your trip safer and more enjoyable.

For instance, you need to pay attention to things like time, the use of tinted glass as well as speed but that’s not all. Below are 12 tips you should keep in mind for your Nigerian road trip.

1. Pay Attention to Time

Schedule your journey between 9am to 4pm. Don’t leave too early and strive to avoid driving during late hours.

2. Scroll Through Your Phone Contacts

Remove titles from your phone contacts. Examples of such titles include Alhaji, Chief, Inspector and military ranks in general. In a sticky situation, you don’t want rogues finding out that you are a dignitary or high-ranking member of a military parastatal. The lesser such people know about you, the better.

3. Keep an Eye on the Returning Lane

While driving, focus on the road and ensure that every 5-7 minutes, there is traffic on the returning lane. This helps you ensure that you are not driving into any kind of trouble ahead. In a situation where there is no traffic on the returning lane after 5-7 minutes, please, proceed with great caution.

4. Don’t Exceed 100 Km/Hr

Try not to exceed 100 km per hour so you can make your timely judgements and driving decisions. It will also help you look out for dangerous situations and traps as well as help you appreciate the terrain.

Tinted glass cars

5. Used Tinted Glass With Caution

If you can, please don’t use tinted glass on your car. It passes a message to bandits and criminal elements that you are either an influential person or military personnel.

6. Do You Have the Necessary Tools?

Major Tip: make sure you always have a spare tyre, jack, plug and fuel pump in your car. Don’t ignore this.

7. Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Even if you are not the one driving, put your phone away and keep your eyes on the road. Sometimes, the driver needs to be engaged to avoid drifting off, especially when tired.

8. Don’t Stop at Random Points

If you must stop to buy a food article or ease yourself, it is advisable to take that break at a town, village or gas/petrol station. Avoid stopping randomly on deserted roads.

9. Don’t Drive When Tired or Fatigued

Avoid driving when you are fatigued, tired or in dire need of rest or sleep. These are not ideal driving conditions as you are likely to suffer a lapse in concentration.

10. Safety Tips Are Not Surprise-Proof

Generally, safety tips are great. They will help tremendously but cannot guarantee total protection from unforeseen elements and circumstances.

11. Keep Your Phone Away

Avoid receiving calls or texting while you are behind the wheel. Ensure your eyes and concentration remain glued to the road and other road users around you.

12. You Need a Maintenance Check

Carry out a general maintenance check on your car before you put it on the road for a trip.

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