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Ways to Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading

When you notice a chip or crack in your windshield, what do you do? Do you try to fix it immediately or is it something you can always fix when you’re ready for it?

Before we answer this question, we should take a quick look at what causes a windshield chip or crack. Thereafter, we will highlight whether it is dangerous or not and then shed light on ways to stop a windshield chip or crack from spreading.

What Causes a Windshield Chip or Crack?

It can be caused by structural weaknesses, defects or other factors that are totally beyond your control – For instance, you could be driving on a Lagos road and a flying rock or any hard object smashes into your windshield

While you probably can’t do anything to prevent the incident from happening, there’s a lot you can do to prevent the windshield chip or crack from growing. If a chip or crack is 6 inches or smaller, a quick repair could be all you need.

However, anything more than 6 inches calls for an immediate fix and this needs to be prioritised. Now, we will take a look at some of the dangers of a cracked windshield and how to stop them from getting worse.

Why Should a Windshield Chip or Crack be Considered Dangerous?

A windshield chip or crack could be frustrating but regardless of how tight your schedule is, you should make it a priority to fixing the chip or crack.

According to car experts, the longer you delay the fixing of the chip or crack, the higher the likelihood of allowing it to spread. Also, when you find dirt build-up within the crack, performing a successful repair could prove difficult. Below are reasons you should have your windshield fixed as soon as you notice a chip or crack.

A windshield With a Chip or Crack Makes Accidents More Dangerous

By design, the windshield contributes to your car’s structural integrity. If you suffer the misfortune of getting into a rollover accident, the roof of the vehicle is far more likely to cave in if you already have a cracked windshield. This increases the risk of a serious injury or fatality

A windshield With a Chip or Crack is Distracting

Once your windshield has a chip or crack, it reflects directly into your eyes while you drive and this can distract or even blind you over a period of time. In addition, driving around with a windshield with a chip or crack can land you on the wrong side of the law with traffic law enforcement officials 

A windshield With a Chip or Crack is Unattractive

Regardless of whether you want to sell your car or keep driving it, you want to ensure that it looks good. Would you feel comfortable wearing a fancy but torn outfit? Probably not. It is, therefore, only ideal that you take some pride in replacing your car’s windshield if it has a crack that defies a quick fix

How to Stop a Windshield Chip or Crack

For a windshield chip or crack, your goal is to either stop it or to slow it down. Below are ways you can achieve this:

Apply Clear Nail Polish or Superglue

You can stop a chip in your windshield using either super glue or clear nail polish. However, before you fill the chip or crack, you should clean the windshield with auto glass cleaner and paper towels.

You can then proceed to apply clear nail polish or superglue to the chip. You allow the polish or glue to dry, then place a piece of clear packing tape over the area to keep dirt out until you can have the chip repaired.

Get a Windshield Repair Kit

You can find windshield repair kits at local hardware stores. However, to use it, you need to be comfortable boring a tiny hole into the top layer of glass with a 1/16-inch drill bit.

Next, you force the specialised resin from the repair kit into the hole to seal the glass. This reduces the stress on the windshield, and stop cracks from forming and spreading.

If you do this right, it might be the only repair you’ll need to fix a windshield chip or crack.

Be Wary of Sudden Temperature Changes

As a car owner, you should be mindful of the fact that glass expands in hot weather and contracts when it gets cold. If you direct a heating vent at a windshield chip or crack in cold weather, it could cause the crack to spread abruptly. You would then have no choice but to replace the entire windshield. If you can, always ensure your car is parked in the shade rather than open areas.

Get a Technician to Repair or Replace the Windshield

Depending on the nature of the windshield chip or crack, you might need a repair or you might have to have it replaced. Getting a windshield chip filled is quick, easy, and affordable.

Your first priority should always be to repair your windshield but if the chip or crack spreads beyond 3-6 inches, repairing it might not be possible. In such cases, you’d have to replace the windshield.

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