Factors to consider when selling classic cars

Factors To Consider When Selling Classic Cars

Selling classic car can be a bit difficult given the technological advancement in the automobile industry. Most classic cars lack the features that modern car buyers look for when buying a car. However, there are some people who pay a lot of money to get their hands on classic cars. Therefore what are factors to consider when selling classic cars?

Take it to the mechanic for inspectionTake it to the mechanic for inspection

To increase your car resale value, do any repair work before you think of selling it. No buyer is willing to buy a car that will cost them more money to maintain as compared to buying a new one.

Research extensivelyResearch extensively

Find out what other buyers are paying for the type of vehicle you possess. Talk to other classic car owners who have sold their cars successfully. Browse the internet for ideas on what to do to your car before a sale. Additionally, you can visit showrooms that sell classic cars and ask questions.

AdvertisingAdvertise the sale of your classic car

Visit local car dealers in your area to find out if they’re interested in purchasing your car. Place an ad on various social media platforms and tag friends and family to spread the word for you. When you’re posting an ad on the Internet, make sure you upload different pictures of the car (both interior and exterior), to draw the attention of potential customers.

Quote selling price appropriatelyQuote selling price appropriately

When quoting the price of your car, try and make sure that you don’t overprice it or underprice. You can use the true price tool to get a fair quotation. Overpricing your car may turn away potential buyers and underpricing the car will lead you to extreme losses.

Commission a dealer to sell on your behalfCommission a dealer to sell on your behalf

Dealerships are better placed in selling your vintage car as they have customers looking for classic cars. The dealer will charge you a certain percentage of the sale price to advertise your vehicle. Using a dealership may help reduce your stress levels of not finding a buyer when it comes to selling a vintage car.


With a well-laid plan to market your car, you will be more likely to attract a good price for your car. In your plan, highlight the true condition of the car and justify the asking price. Do not assume that since you have a Shelby Cobra it will just sell.

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