Top 10 Twitter Accounts For Cars in Nigeria

Twitter Accounts Cars Nigeria

Are you a car enthusiast searching for some of the top Twitter accounts dedicated to automobiles in Nigeria? If you are, then you are at the right place as we have compiled a list of the top 10 Twitter accounts for car lovers in Nigeria.

There are several Twitter accounts in Nigeria where you can learn about the latest about car models, exotic cars, car maintenance, trends and information and that can help you make the right decisions regardless of whether you are a car buyer, a car seller or even a car owner. Here are the top 10 Twitter accounts dedicated to cars in Nigeria:


Our captivating presence is not limited to our blogs; we also provide useful news, tips and a forum for car lovers in Nigeria on social media. Our posts cover a wide range of topics, from safety tips, auto news, unbelievable car facts, DIY, fun car motivation tips, quotes, videos, guides and so much more. Follow ChekiNigeria on Twitter today. There is hardly ever a dull moment.

Innoson Vehicles

This is the first made-in-Africa automobile brand created to eradicate the purchase of tokunbo cars in Africa. It is an active Twitter account in Nigeria and many Nigerians interact with the brand online. If you are a car lover who wants to keep a tab on how the Nigerian car industry is growing, you will want to follow Innoson vehicles. You will be able to follow the innovative trends in the works of the brand.

Car Dealer Chatbot

This account posts interesting pictures and features about cars. However, the main aim of the account is to help people sell their cars. They track whoever views pictures of advertised cars for sell and share the traffic generated with the seller. They are so popular in the Nigerian Twitter car community that people hoping to sell their cars usually tag this account to drive traffic over.

Cars and StarsNG

Cars and stars NG is a car show account run by Taiwo Onalaja. The show checks out the applications of different cars with an audience and the video is posted on Twitter. Cars go head to head with other cars and sometimes, it is cars against bikes. At other times, they visit the showrooms of popular car brands in Nigeria to provide followers with a look around the showroom, cool model range and a drive in some of the cars. The show itself runs on African Magic Family.


The account claims to be the number one source of affordable exotic cars in Nigeria. It deals in exotic cars alone; mostly foreign used. The cars are sometimes sold in the mode of an auction. This account has beautiful photos of exotic cars and does comparisons of them. Follow this brand if you are a car lover and interested in exotic cars.

Auto Clinic

This is an account you have to follow if you are a car owner. Auto Clinic is a popular platform for educating the public on how to ensure value for vehicular assets. It also airs on SplashFM in Ibadan. Every Tuesday, the account issues Tuesday Tips about cars. The account takes the form of an online mechanic, dishing out advice about possible causes of issues with your car.

Automedics Limited

This is a similar account to Auto clinic. They are car specialists and are also into the sale of auto-parts. If you care about incredible car maintenance tips, you should follow this account. They share everyday tips that car lovers will find useful. These tips are usually accompanied by amazing photos.

M_Settler (Car Guy Tonio)

This is a real petrol head on Twitter. He posts about motorsports and car news; from vintage cars to the latest brands in the market mostly for free. This is unlike most other car accounts that post for commercial purpose. He has a hand in the ‘Carvolution’ magazine.


If you want someone who can shake the tables once in a while within the car community, it is this account. He once generated a post about a list of cars you should never buy because of their problems as such problems can’t be fixed in Nigeria and the post made it to some blogs. He has a great wealth of knowledge about cars.

Nigeria Motoring

From automotive and technology news to traffic reports, this account has you covered. It also posts about Formula 1 and breath-taking photos of cars generally.

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