jaguar xe review

The New 2019 Jaguar XE Evolution: A Detailed Review

Many Jaguar models have come and gone. Some forgettable, some deplorable while others have been among the most beautiful and reminiscent models.  The new 2019 Jaguar XE is a perfect description of that. Read more in this 2019 Jaguar XE review.

Since it’s launch in 2015, Jaguar XE has continued to receive hefty praise from its users. That enduring success has been due to mechanical improvements made to the model.

The new improvements made means it can comfortably compete with other luxury sedans like the BMW and the Mercedes Benz. The new model is boosted by higher performance engines new exterior and exterior designs, and safer handling.


The new XE’s sporting intent has been taken a notch higher, with modern design cues inspired by the sister F-TYPE sports coupe. The XE appears wider and lower than before, with larger front space, bold graphics and muscular forms eluding to the car’s performance and advanced aerodynamics.

jaguar xe review

Its New all-LED headlights with a striking ‘J’ blade daytime running light signature create a more purposeful look. The rear of the car also features a new bumper design and slender all-LED tail-lights with updated signature graphics which highlight the visual width of the car.


The 2019 XE model is the first one to use the IQ platform where it learns the individual preferences in order to provide a better driving experience. The system does adjustments to the seats, mirrors, audio and the climate in general.

Interior decor

Jaguar has utilized the use of soft-touch materials, premium veneers and all-new door trims that improve usability and practicality. New XE’s luxurious and technology-packed interior delivers more comfort, quality, and connectivity for all occupants. Every aspect of the cabin has been enhanced for increased convenience, improved stowage and better passenger comfort. 

When it comes to trends, XE does not follow them, it sets them. The twin-needle stitching provides a bold visual compliment within the interior, giving it a unique, sporty look.

The influence of Jaguar’s flagship two-seater sports car is also evident.  The Sport Shift gear selector and JaguarDrive Control switch shared with the F-TYPE are on a revised centre console. The Jaguar XE has a new steering wheel, shared with the all-electric I-PACE, features. It also has hidden-until-lit graphics and capacitive switches for easy control.

The introduction of the ClearSight interior rear-view mirror ensures that the driver has an unobstructed view of the road behind. Using a wide-angle rear-facing camera, the system feeds images to a high-definition screen within the frameless rear-view mirror.

The seats are carefully crafted with the finest leather and quality cloth which comes in various colours. The cabin offers a large luxurious space to rest, this includes a  headrest and legroom for the passengers and the driver. LED lighting improves the atmosphere for personal illumination.


The new XE is available with a choice of clean and efficient Ingenium petrol engines. The 2.0-litre engine is available with 184kW and 221kW outputs badged P250 and P300 respectively. Power is sent to the rear wheel’s courtesy of an 8-speed quick shift gearbox, that allows the full exploitation of the various Ingenium engines on offer.

jaguar xe review

The new model is also a beast on the road when it comes to acceleration. it can easily hit 60 miles per hour in  7.6 seconds. Therefore, it is a perfect car to do sensible overtakes with and entertain you in the process.


Jaguar XE’s lightweight aluminium-intensive body structure continues to play a major role in the car’s agile handling, exceptional safety, and efficiency. Aluminium makes up 75 percent of the body.

This makes it slightly lighter than the other models. It is engineered in such a way that the excess weight is absorbed by the alloy as this will help in the rear wheels from unwanted directional forces.

This feature gives additional needed flexibility and agility as compared to its predecessors.

It also combines with proven rear and all-wheel-drive systems, double wishbone front and integral link rear suspension. The model still retains some of Jaguar’s most advanced engines, for dynamic handling and performance. 


The Jaguar XE has been revitalized and now is ready to take on the recently launched BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4. Local dealers should have it in store by Q2 2019.

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